BELVIQ PRICE: Belviq costs like a cup of coffee!?

BELVIQ is a new diet pill manufactured by Arena Pharmaceuticals. This week, Belviq just got the FDA Approval it badly needs in order for this new weight loss drug to be sold in the US.

The last time the FDA gave an approval for a diet pill or weight loss drug to fight the ever growing obese population was 13 years ago for the… Continue┬áreading

BELVIQ ( LORQESS) Lorcaserin FDA Approval: Belviq For Sale

The much awaited FDA Approval for the new anti obesity and weight loss drug Lorcasein has finally arrived.

FDA has given the go signal for Lorcaserin, formerly knows as brand name Lorqess, to be sold in the US market.

Lorqess will be launched as BELVIQ as the new diet pill. It is the only drug given approval by the FDA for obesity… Continue┬áreading