QSYMIA Retail Price: Cost of Qsymia per Bottle and Tablet at CVS Pharmacy


QSYMIA is the newest FDA diet pill that people from US can buy and try. Qsymia was just released September 18, 2012 and doctors can ow prescribe this new generation of weight loss medication to patients who are obese or overweight people with certain complications.

What is Qsymia Diet Pill?

Qsymia is a combination or 2 previously approved drugs (Phenermine and Topimarate). It is designed, together with a healthy diet and regular exercise, to help people lose weight.

Various data shows that Qsymia diet pill can help patients lose as much as 10% of their original body weight after one year of taking the said medicine.

To prevent unwanted serious side effects and birth defects that might be related to Qsymia. The FDA has ordered Vivus, the makers of Qsymia, to have a REMS or Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy.on hand before they officially sell to the market. Part of Vivus’ REMS is limiting the supply of Qsymia and you can only buy or order Qsymia via its Qsymia Home Delivery Network. Part of the network included pharmacies:

  • Wallgreens
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Kaiser Permanente ( for Kaiser members only) 

Where can you BUY Qsymia diet Pill?

Qsymia will only be available or delivered in the stores stated above. You can’t buy Qsymia in your regular drugstore or online pharmacy.

You also need to secure a prescription for Qsymia. CVS, Walgreens and Kaiser will verify first your presciption before processing your order. After paying your order, expect your Qsymia to arrive after 3 to 5 working days.

Different Qsymia Doses

Aside form the regular Qsymia dose, there are 3other doses that your doctors can prescribe. Your doctors will be the best person which dose is best for you. Here are the 4 doses of Qsymia that are available now.

  • QSYMIA Low dose (3.75 mg phentermine/23 mg topiramate)
  • QSYMIA Recommended dose (7.5 mg phentermine /46 mg topiramate )
  • QSYMIA Three-quarter dose (11.25 mg phentermine/69 mg topiramate )
  • QSYMIA Top dose (15 mg phentermine /92 mg topiramate )

How much is QSYMIA? How much does Qsymia cost per bottle?

Most insurance companies and plans do not reimburse the the cost of of diet pills such as Qsymia. It is best  to tell CVS, Kaiser and Walgreens about your insurancee plans before you make an order or purchase.

Below are the retail prices of Qsymia as stated on the CVS Pharmacy website. All Qsymia prices reflects a bottle containing 30 Qsymia pills. Prices still not include cost of shipping. The Qsymia retail price between CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens and Kaiser might differ.

  • Qsymia Low dose — $139.99 per bottle of 30 tablets
  • Qsymia Recommended dose — $159.99 per bottle of 30 tablets
  • Qsymia Three-quarter dose  — $194.99 per bottle of 30 tablets
  • Qsymia Top dose — $219.99 per bottle of 30 tablets

How much does Qsymia cost per pill or tablet?

Here would be our computation on the cost of Qsymia per pill or tablet based on the prices indicated in the CVS Pharamcy website.

  • Qsymia Low dose : 4.66 dollars per pill
  • Qsymia Recommended dose: 5.33 dollars per pill
  • Qsymia Three Quarter dose: 6.49 dollars per tablet
  • Qsymia Top dose: 7.33 dollars per tablet

We’ve checked on the Walgreen’s website but the prices of Qsymia are still not available. We will update this post once retail prices of Qsymia at walgreens and Kaiser are available so that you can compute your Cost of Qsymia treatment.

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